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Porcelain Laminates (veneers)

I believe that in today’s world everyone deserves to have beautiful and shiny teeth as much as Hollywood stars. For those who do not have such teeth, “Porcelain Laminates” is a method provides a treatment solution.

Porcelain laminates are the restorations in which ceramic shells prepared by the dental technicians are applied only to the front of the teeth to conceal cracks. First porcelain laminate applications go back to 1862s.

Who Can Get Porcelain Laminates?

When the aesthetic needs of persons are taken into consideration, you should also consider the reasons of this need. People working in media sector and who took stage are under the different types of lights. Nice looking teeth in the daily life may look yellow and small under the spotlight. According to this evaluation;

  • People in front of the media who wants to have a more significant and aesthetic appearance,
  • People suffering from whitening challenges due to deep stains on teeth (Tetracycline, Antibiotic Staining and Fluorosis),
  • People with slightly crooked teeth
  • For the filling of gap (close diastema)
  • For those who want dental reconstruction of yellow color and wear and tear produced in time in order to gain a younger look time
  • Those who want a total transformation and have a full smile can get porcelain laminate veneers.

Who Cannot Get Porcelain Laminate Veneers?

  • Children under 18
  • People suffering from excessive clenching
  • People with mental disorders

Production Stages of Porcelain Veneers

Primary Analysis

  • Making a primary analysis while deciding about porcelain veneers prevents negativities that may occur during the procedure beforehand. First of all, photos of the person should be taken. Our goal is to make a full smile analysis and to make comparison between before and after appearance of the person. Measure of the teeth can be taken.

Preparation of Teeth

  • Although the cut for the porcelain laminate veneers remains only at the enamel level, anesthesia is given to the patient for his own comfort.
  • Fine cutting as 0.5 mm are done in some parts.
  • Cut is checked with special lobes.
  • Clean the teeth surface.


Like previous stages, measures are taken carefully and transmitted to technician.


Temporary Veneer Process

Temporary Veneer Process is really very important. Once Porcelain Laminate Veneers attached to teeth of the patient, it is not possible to detach them. Due to this reason, we make all necessary interventions to the temporary veneer which gives idea to the patient and technician about the permanent veneers. It is possible to attach temporary veneer on teeth without making any cuts. This will allow people to have a common view while perception varies from person to person. Your perception of square form might be totally different from other person’s perception of square form. The technician you always work with will have the same perception with you; however your patient might have a totally different opinion. Due to this reason, a common approach is very important during the temporary veneer process whether it is done before or after the cutting. Measure of the temporary veneer is sent to the technician especially if you are working with a technician abroad.

Technician Stage

No matter if we are working with a technician in the country or abroad, porcelain shells are prepared following a series of detailed stages.



Porcelain veneer rehearsal is done with special temporary glue. Its color and form is checked. After receiving necessary approvals, it is sent for polishing.



Final porcelain laminate veneers are attached with special glue. Glue residues are cleaned roughly. Patient is recommended not to bite for 24 hours and asked to come to an appointment made for the next day.