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Implants and Implant Dentures

What are Implants?

Implants are proven as best valid treatment and they are consist of two pieces. The first piece is the fixture which will be placed inside of the bone and act like artificial tooth route. The second one is dental prothesis which will be placed on the top of the fixture. 



Before administrating the treatment, we evaulate patient’s general health condition. Because it will be a surgical operation. For example if the patient have disaeses like diabetes or problems in the bone area, first we take under control those situations with various methodes. We should be sure about the essential conditions before starting the process. 

While tratment, patient doesn’t feel any pain. We apply local anesthesia to that area. Placement of the one implant takes between 20-30 minutes. If the bone structure lets us, we can place temporary prothesis on the same day. However in the cases which requires to waiting period for healing process, we should wait for the permanent restoration on the implants. This duration is minimum 2 months depending of the person. In this 2 months bone and implant can connect properly. After they connect, making this process longer is okay according to patient’s will. Preperation of the permanent restoration is between 7-10 days. 


Taking Care / Guarentee

Implants  are proven by scientific literature as successfull %98,5, if the patient follow all the rules after treatment. The most important thing  is taking care of them in a proper way and going to controls periodically. All the detailed information will be given by our doctors after treatment. If the patient follow the process, there is no risk of falling for implants. However, if it happens despite the patient followed all the instructions, it means there is another problem not causing by implants but causing by body system. And we are giving the guarentee to fix the problem. We are using the last techniques and the best well known brands (Xive and Bego) for implant. The documents we give you after the treatment are valid all over the World.