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Gum Adjustments, Gingivectomy, Gingivoplasty

Irregularities between gum levels affect your appearance, just like they affect your teeth.
For example, here, the gum levels of the incisors are as they should be, but those of the small molar teeth are irregular. As a result, these teeth appear shorter than they actually are. Without any adjustments on gum levels, these teeth will look short, regardless of the procedures applied.
To deal with the irregularity, the gums should be shortened by 1-1,5 millimeters.
Your gums consist of two parts.
STICKY GUMS: These are the part of gums that are stuck onto the bone.
NON-STICKY GUMS: These are the part of gums that hang freely at the necks of your teeth, not stuck onto your bones, just like the flesh where our nails grow. Gum adjustments are made on these areas. This procedure is also called a “GUM MANICURE”.
1.It helps create a harmony between your lips and teeth.
For example, there are people with smiles that show nothing but gums. Or, like in the photo, for patients with puffy and overly visible gums, we ensure the harmony between their lips and teeth through the adjustments we make.
2.In the event of an irregularity between gum levels:
As seen on the photo, your teeth will look like their lengths vary. So, whatever you do, it is impossible to have an exact symmetry when it comes to your gums. To create an exact symmetry, the gum levels should match, as well.
3.To change the forms of teeth that are displaced, gum forms should be altered as well. For example, when lateral teeth are missing (side-incisors), canine teeth take their place. To reform the premolar teeth to look like canines, gum levels should be adjusted accordingly. Small side molars (premolars) take the place of canine teeth. To reform them to look more like canine teeth, gum levels should be adjusted accordingly. As seen on the photo, the gums surrounding the premolar tooth need gingivectomy.
4.As seen on the upper-most photo, when your premolar gums are shorter than your canine gums, the back of your canines will look darker, as if you were missing those teeth, when you smile. Through gum level adjustments and through the new restoration will give you a more positive smile. This way, your lips get full support and your smile will look more appropriate for your face.