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Gingiva Modulations, Gingivectomy, Gingivoplasti

Gum irregularities affects smile as much as well as teeth. Gums play major role in the smile as just much as the appearance of teeth. When gum is seen too much or not seen at all or gum irregularity creates unwanted appearance. Due to this reason, teeth appear to be shorter than their normal size. In another words, gingiva of premolars on both sides are seen while smiling. This is not a wanted appearance while smiling. No matter what is done to arrange the gum level, these teeth will always look shorter. Approximately 1-1.5 mm of the gingiva should be cut in order to get rid of this irregularity. Gingiva surrounding tooth consists of two parts.

Attached Gingiva: Part of gingiva attached to the bone.

Free Gingiva: Unattached part of gingiva located at the neck of tooth which is similar to the tissue around the nails. Gingivectomy is carried out at this part. This procedure is also called as the “gingiva manicure.”

What are the advantages of Gingivectomy?

1. It provides assistance to the adaptation of teeth and lips. For example, only gingiva is seen in some conditions.

2.In case of a irregularity between the teeth and gingiva, a tooth will look longer while another appears to be shorter. In another words, it is not possible to provide full symmetry no matter how hard you try. Length of gingiva should be even in order to provide full symmetry.

3. Form of gingiva should be changed when we want to change the form of teeth which are not located at their exact place. For example: In case of lateral missing teeth, (lateral incisors) canine tooth is located next to lateral tooth. Premolars are located next to canine tooth. Gingiva level should be arranged in order to give the form of canine tooth the form of premolar.

4. When gingiva level of premolar teeth is shorter than canine teeth, back of canine teeth appears to be dark as if there is no tooth while smiling. New restoration at the gingiva level provides a more positive smile on the face of the patient. It also fully supports lips for the suitable smile.