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Composite Laminates

Composite Laminates are aesthetic and cosmetic restorations of front teeth with composite material. Due to rapid developments in today’s technology, it is possible to produce composites having 90% of teeth enamel characteristics. These composites are attached to the surface of the teeth with special glue for a permanent aesthetic solution on chipped or discolored front teeth veneers.


Application areas of Composite Laminates?  

Composite laminate applications are carried out in order to solve the discoloration and chipped teeth up to a certain extend. Main application areas can be summarized as follows: 

  • Especially filling the gap (close diestema) on the front teeth, 
  • To give a younger look to the deformed, cracked or worn in time due to aging,
  • Stubborn stains which did not get whiter despite whitening procedure, 
  • Presence of big fillings or decayed tooth on the front teeth,  
  • When the patient does not prefer orthodontic treatment although he has a slightly crooked tooth
  • Those who wish to have a different look and who are not satisfied with the look of their teeth, 
  • Those who want to have a positive smile than a negative smile,
  • Adults over 18 years old who has suitable mouth and lip structure and wants to have a better smile without having too much intervention to teeth. 

Who can get laminate laminate treatment 

Almost everyone! People over 18 years old and having complaints mentioned above can get laminate veneer treatment.  However, prior approval of those who suffer from extensive grinding or clenching and those who crack things with their teeth (having the habit of harming their own teeth) would be necessary. There is no 18 year age limit in the treatment of broken tooth occurred due to falling, down, hits and injuries among school children. It can be applied to children under 18. Your dentist will be person who would make the right call. 

How does Composite Laminate Attached to Tooth? 

Enamel layer of teeth resembles just like honeycomb. 

We emptied the context of this honeycomb to the micro level by using a special solution and allow composite material glue to infuse inside the comb.

This will allow us to attach the composite to teeth with thousands of connections. 

What are the stages of clinical application of laminate treatment? 

First of all, surface of the teeth is cleaned with a pad which does not contain flour in order to get rid of all kinds of residues, in another words polyture is applied. Adhesive application. Special dental glue is prepared in order to glue the composite material on the teeth without harming the enamel layer.  

Composite is in liquid form, it is place on tooth, after completing the required shaping; it is hardened with a special light. Hardened composites took their final shape by using special rubber. After this process, appointment of the patient is set for the next week and he is recommended not to use front teeth to bite for 24 hours.

I have Composite Laminates? What Must I Do?

After the application, people usually gets a feeling which they define as, “I feel strange.” Few hours after the application, patients might see that they finally have the look they want. However, lip and tongue muscles adaptation may last at least for 48 hours. There is a difference between the exterior atmosphere pressure and interior atmosphere pressure. Despite the fact that composite laminate creates only millimetric difference, lips and tongue feels strange for a while at the beginning. After 48 hours, these organs are adapted to these change and so does the patient. And they feel as if they are “using their own teeth.”

Does Composite Laminates Have Long Life? Are They Resistant?

It is possible to use laminates for years without a hitch if you take good care of your dental hygiene. You should certainly see your dentist in every 6 months to extend the life your laminates. Moreover, avoid biting hard shelled food products, nuts and cracking hard objects with teeth.

Does Composite Laminate Harm Teeth?

Attachment to teeth mentality of the composite laminate is the same with the orthodontic applications. In case its removal from teeth, proper enamel surface will remain the same. And when it is considered that it provides relieving the sensitivity of teeth that occurs due to gingival recession, it can be said that composite laminates are good for teeth. As it can be applied without cutting teeth, it provides an advantage.